Canvas Depth Picture Frames & Mouldings

Deep Rabbet Frame

We are adding canvas friendly deep rabbet frames and mouldings to our new website daily as time permits. Take a look and tell us what you need in the way of floaters and other frames for your artwork on canvas.

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Stretcher Bar Products

Stretcher Bar Frames

We have a NEW line of Stretcher Bar Products.

See our new Stretcher Products Website  or see them on eBay

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Mirrors 101

Mirrors can be a necessity in your private dressing area or a key decor item there and in many other places within your home or business.

That piece of unframed mirror glass stuck to your wall will help you see if your hair is looking just right, but also could enhance your decor with a framing treatment that is easy to apply. The Carol Woolf Gallery & Frame Factory has a special line of picture frame mouldings that can be placed right over a plain wall mounted mirror to add a more finished look to your decor. Installation can be an easy Do-it-Yourself project or a quick job for a contracted handyman. You won’t believe what a difference a frame makes.

Bronze Mirror Frame Material


frame corner sample on mirror reflecting our factory ceiling.

Custom made framed mirrors also can enhance your decor at a cost which is generally less than custom framing an art piece of the same size. You can shape a custom mirror to just the right size to fill a void space in your decor. Just think of the possibilities. Tall & skinny, or a little mirror in wide frame, or a dramatic big mirror leaning against a wall, or just about any other treatment made from a selection of 100’s of frame styles.

Now may be the time to rethink the possibilities for adding or enhancing the use of  mirrors in your decor.

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Free Link Directory Added

We have added a link directory for Artists, Designers, Framers, & Photographers. You are welcome to add a link to your website. A link back to this Blog would be appreciated . ( http:// ). If you would like to post  something of interest on this blog, just email it to us and we will publish it.

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All Art is Not the Same

Better Paintings

All types of art from the Old Masters to Modern Masters can be seen and purchased in galleries all over the world. Determining value of an art piece and skill of an artist takes years of observation and a lot of self education. That means visiting art galleries and asking a lot of questions. When making a purchase, it’s desirable to buy art you really like rather than just a matching piece for the bedspread, chair or sofa. That piece of art you so love will find a place in your home and become a part of who you are. You will change the sofa and bedspread in time but when you fall in love with a piece of art, it may be with you forever. You’ll find yourself buying objects that match your art rather than the reverse.

So what’s the difference between really good art and really bad art. In Picasso’s early days, his art may have been considered really bad. In the Impressionist’s early days, they found themselves ridiculed. So the saying is true, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and some time that beholder is influenced by other opinions or magnificent marketing that propelled artists such as Rothko to the forefront of the art world. Propelled so much that in 2007 an artwork of this “abstract expressionist” sold for $72.84 million but only half of that fetched by Pollock’s $140 million auction piece about the same time. Purveyors of “Old Masters” works may say the aforementioned abstracts are worthless. You can’t argue with money whose eyes beheld them as beautiful.

Beyond those marketing efforts, is the real world of people who collect and display their artworks while blending in some pieces of unknown artists. REALLY! Yes, the rich and famous do that. Interestingly enough, some of the unknown artists become quite well known in time and their efforts are rewarded. How do you get the best of the unknown’s? You rely on a gallery to provide you with some finer work by college graduates; artists who have painted for a living for many years and are masters of color while infusing subtle details seen in better compositions. The works provided in our intro are among some of the exceptional pieces we have just received. The price is loftier but the work is beautiful to behold. That’s why “all art is not the same”!

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Mary Beth Martin is invited as

Master Pastelist

to Exhibit in France

Click on “News & Events” in menu on this stie —>

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Once in a while something really interesting happens in the art industry, a small event, but evoking a large emotion. Imagine holding and repairing a frame that you know held the work of a famous artist, John Constable (1776-1837). I know that a simple painting of his 7 ½ x11 recently sold for $1,082,000 at auction. It was an oil painted paper glued to board. And then this frame that held one of his works, a bit of a crumbling mess but hand made at the time of plaster over wood with net overlay and painted with layers of paint from brown to red and topped off with gold. It is falling apart in places and is being glued in the cracks to prevent further decomposition to hopefully be enjoyed another few years. It’s part of the pleasure of being in the art business and the happiness of the customer who presents such wonderful art objects and stories to go along with them. A picture of it below:

Constable Frame

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After returning from the Dallas home and gift show, we were excited to see some of the design trends evolving for 2011. It seems that designers from all over the country are introducing items with a central theme……RETRO with a splash!

Pantone declares the color trend of the year is honeysuckle pink describing it as “Courageous, confident, and vital”.


Designer: Melanie Coddington, Coddington Design, Los Angeles and San Francisco Interior Design Trend Prediction: Classic with a twist.”

I’m finding myself returning to the classics right now, but giving them an unexpected, modern twist.  For example, I recently upholstered a classic tufted slipper chair in neoprene.”

Designer: Katie Lydon, Katie Lydon Interiors, New York City 

Interior Design Trend Prediction: The demise of hotel-like interiors.”

I think the more eclectic the better—obviously it has to make sense—but I think that the very clean hotel look is no longer enough or really viable.  The use and layering of interesting materials, textures, and antiques will be important, as is globalization. I love mixing an African print with an English sofa, or placing an Indian sari pillow on a 1950s chair.” 

Designer: Angie Hranowsky, Charleston, SC

Interior Design Trend Prediction: Bold, vibrant color, with pink leading the way, and leopard print designs supplanting zebra as the animal print of choice.”

Zebra has been huge for quite some time, so leopard print is a welcome option. Skip it for accents; go straight to a sofa or rug.”

Designer: Brad Dufton, colorTHEORY, Boston Interior Design Trend Prediction: An intensified hunt for inexpensive one-of-a-kind finds.”

No longer is good design judged on the basis of how much money was spent. Emphasis is on the hunt for well-crafted, one-of-a-kind items that will create a personal and identifiable home. And the less expensive the item is, the better.”

 Designer: Katie Leede, Katie Leede and Co, Los Angeles Interior Design Trend Prediction: The rise of sumptuous materials mixed with earthy, natural materials.”

I am excited to continue to explore the combinations of sumptuous materials like patina-ed metal on fireplaces, reclaimed flooring, lacquered or polished plaster walls, and antiqued mirrors, combined with lush mohair fabrics, stone-washed linens, and ethnic prints.”

Designer: Julia B. Edelmann, Buckingham interiors + Design, Chicago

Interior Design Trend Prediction: Offbeat color pairings and the layering of art over wall coverings.”

The layering of unusual palettes is the latest twist in terms of color. I love to mix apple green and olive, as well as purple and gray. I also like to use color in unexpected places, like a bright shade on the ceiling, with a neutral wall. Or, a very dark trim paired with light walls. I might use a wall covering as an added layer of texture on an unexpected surface. And I love to hang art over ornate or very textured wall coverings.”

Also, look for metallic accents reminiscent of Hollywood GLAM. Expect to see more GOLD accents and mirrored accented prints. Watch for increase interest in country “rural design” with distressed woods, rusted metals, botanicals and natural textiles.

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Western Art is all Jazzed up

We recently had the opportunity to frame several pieces of western art that were unique with an obvious jazzy flair. We wanted to share this artist’s work with the followers of this blog.

Check out the fine art of Oleg Stavrowsky today and tell our followers what you think by commenting below.

As art dealers and framers we are blessed to see the art & photography of many nationally acclaimed individuals. We will be regularly drawing your attention to their works.

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Holiday Greetings

We wish you a Happy & Rewarding

New Year.


A Merry Christmas

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